31 oct – 2 dec 2012 :
ARTIFIST Gallery – « CNIDOCYSTE et autres Chimères » Exhibition
Vernissage 31 octobre 2012.
Straits of Messina. On the horizon line stands a stange-looking ship. On board, disturbing sailors, still and silent are staring at the raging sea. Unsensitive to the Sirens song, this chimerical crew comes to challenge Charybdis and Scylla, the mythological powers.
Scylla, eternal evil, terrible plague, wild reality we cannot fight. Sometimes she is seen as a monstrous multi-headed bitch, other times she is seen as a rock rising to the sky, always ready to devour these careless sailors. Her eternal accomplice
Charybdis lies in the black depths of the sea. The strength of this abyss is such that the Great Poseidon himself could not save the one who would be taken in this whirlpool.
This sailboat and its crew see their origins in the imagination of three visuals artists 100Taur, Veks and Comoseta. Coming from the street art scene, they like to mix urban elements to the sea universe, using mythologies and chimerical creatures. If streets are their favorite playground, their passion for the sea and its culture (from fishing to surfing) lead them to create this peculiar scenography. They put the ship in the heart of this set, surrounding it with pieces made of mixed medias, from urban technics (spray cans…) to revisited sea symbols (bloody sailors, fishing floats and baits …).