From august rd3 to september 1st 2012 :
Lethal Injection – Exhibition in San Francisco
Robert Bowen, Isaac Pierro, Philip Lawson & Nicolas Giraud |
111 Minna Gallery
125 Third Street
San Francisco, California, USA.

On August 3rd 2012, 111 Minna Gallery proudly presents, “Lethal Injection.” Aptly titled, this exhibition will display the severe imagery and extensive work ethics of two local San Francisco artists, Robert Bowen and Isaac Pierro as well as the tediously dedicated, Nicolas Giraud, who hails from Toulouse, France. Although these three artists practice a variety of artistic mediums successfully, they will primarily be focusing on and delivering paintings for the Lethal Injection exhibition.

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The first in a long line of featured Art documentaries produced and distributed exclusively by Empty Kingdom Studios, our brand new & very own in-house media production arm of! We take a look at the four featured artists in 111 minna gallery’s upcoming show, Lethal Injection; starring Rob Bowen, Isaac Pierro, Philip Lawson, and Nicholas Giraud, a.k.a. 100Taur (pronounced Centaur).